Corbyn Tweet Congratulating Galloway Resurfaces After Campbell's Explusion

28 May 2019, 14:38 | Updated: 28 May 2019, 14:44

Jeremy Corbyn's tweet about George Galloway has resurfaced
Jeremy Corbyn's tweet about George Galloway has resurfaced. Picture: PA

A tweet from Jeremy Corbyn congratulating George Galloway has gone viral following Alastair Campbell's expulsion from the Labour Party.

Tony Blair's former Director of Communications has been expelled from the Labour Party after he admitted on LBC that he voted for the Liberal Democrats during the European Elections.

He told Iain Dale: "I voted for the Liberal Democrats.

"But I am not a Liberal Democrat. I am a Labour Party supporter and I voted because I think Labour need to get the message. And I think they are going to get the message, particularly in the more Remain areas."

However, a tweet sent by Jeremy Corbyn on 30th March 2012 has resurfaced in which he hails the "astonishing" victory of George Galloway in the Bradford West by-election, in which the Respect candidate beat Labour's Imran Hussain into second place.

A lot of people on social media were keen to point out the apparent hypocrisy.

Some people believe the two are not comparable, with Labour MP Rupa Huq telling LBC: "There has been a culture of Stalinism about people who have tweeted the wrong things who were kicked out a few years ago.

"The real headline about these elections should be the results and where we go from there."