Dine and dash 'scammers' shamed into settling up after leaving without paying £260 pub bill

6 November 2023, 20:10 | Updated: 6 November 2023, 20:15

The bill came to £260
The bill came to £260. Picture: Facebook

By Kit Heren

A group of twelve who left a Cornwall pub without paying their £260 bill have been shamed into settling up.

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The group of 12 who are accused of dining and dashing from the Britannia Inn and Waves Restaurant in the Cornwall town of Par on Saturday, October 28, are said to have left without paying when the waitress' back was turned.

The pub landlords identified the "scammers" on CCTV and shared the images on social media, giving them a few days to settle up before they went to the police.

Several days later, a relative of the group came forward to pay their bill.

Pub landlords said: "Thank you once again to each and everyone of you that helped us track these scammers down.

"The power of social media".

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One of the group
One of the group. Picture: Facebook

They added: "To everyone for sharing our posts & for contacting us with info on last weeks scammers. You really have played your part in highlighting some less desirable people we live amongst in our community.

"After revealing one of the scammers identity yesterday, a family member contacted us & settled the bill in full.

"Let’s hope they get reimbursed by their shameful relative

"Thank you good people out there and stay vigilant from these types in the future."

Some of the group
Some of the group. Picture: Facebook

Staff told MailOnline: "It was clearly planned, they watched and waited for our staff to exit the room for 45 seconds before all running out the door. When the waitress came back they were all gone.

"They looked as if they were taking kids to the play area in the garden but they just left.

One of the group
One of the group. Picture: Facebook

"Normally we take bookings for groups over ten but during half term we do sometimes have large family groups walk in, so obviously they didn't give us any details. You don't expect it in the main restaurant.

"They didn't order the largest or most expensive meals or anything that would raise a red flag, some of the kids shared meals. They weren't rude or anything but the CCTV just shows them deliberately getting up and going."

People reacted with fury to the "scammers'" behaviour.

One person wrote on Facebook: "Great example they're setting the kids there. Feel so sorry for everyone who works so hard to provide such good service and good food for this to happen. Hope they get caught."