Doctor who almost killed partner in exorcism ceremonies jailed for over 14 years

21 September 2021, 00:39

Metwally left his partner close to death with multiple organ failure.
Metwally left his partner close to death with multiple organ failure. Picture: Humberside Police

By Emma Soteriou

A doctor who almost killed his partner in multiple exorcism ceremonies has been jailed for 14 and a half years.

Hospital anaesthetist Hossam Metwally, 61, injected his partner with drugs during a series of ceremonies, leaving her close to death with multiple organ failure, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

He made several recordings of himself giving the fluids to Kelly Wilson while chanting as part of a "dangerous perversion" of the Islamic Ruqya ritual - a practice that an imam told the court would never involve drugs or sedation.

Ms Wilson was found at his Grimsby home on 4 July 2019 in a deep coma, on the brink of a cardiac arrest and with a fluid line inserted in her chest, after participating in a ritual the previous evening.

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A "vast stock of drugs" was also discovered at the doctor's home, including ketamine, propofol, fentanyl and diazemuls.

However, Metwally - who had worked at the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital - denied injecting anaesthetics into Ms Wilson, during his eight-week trial. Instead he admitted further counts of voyeurism against two female patients following his conviction.

The court heard on Monday that he took pictures and moving footage of the women, when they attended his clinic for treatment, without their knowledge and in a state of undress.

He also altered some of the images to make them appear indecent and erotic.

Extracts from 200 clips recorded by the doctor over four years were shown to the jury, including footage of Ms Wilson strapped to a bed and in a bath. Others showed a white liquid being administered.

In one clip from 2016, Metwally could be heard chanting and after he revived his partner with smelling salts, she asked: "Have you raped me?"

Ms Wilson also requested the police.

Sentencing Metwally, Judge Jeremy Richardson QC, the Recorder of Sheffield, said he was a "disgrace" to his profession.

He added: "You will not be a doctor for very much longer. I trust you will never, ever be a doctor again.

"You perverted medical practice for your own ends.

"You are also not a very good doctor because, in these perverted practices, you very nearly killed the woman you said you loved."

Metwally met Ms Wilson when she was a student nurse in about 2013. She had a history of depression and her health deteriorated so she stopped working as a nurse, the jury heard.

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Judge Richardson told Metwally: "Your conduct was deliberate, persistent and repeated. It was extremely dangerous to do as you did.

"You were a doctor at the time and misusing your medical skills, such as they were, in a perverted and illegitimate manner.

"Furthermore, you were in an abusive relationship with a vulnerable woman who was infatuated with you.

"You exploited her vulnerability and exposed her to a great physical danger."

Judge Richardson said the doctor had displayed "not a shred of remorse" and "exhibited large amounts of arrogance" during the trial, describing the case as "both very serious and utterly bizarre".

Detective Chief Inspector Rhodri Troake, of Humberside Police, said: "The offences Dr Metwally committed were extremely serious and an abuse of his position and the trust his victims had in him.

"He is now exactly where he belongs, in prison."