Donald Trump Thinks The UK Could Have A "Very Substantial Trade Deal" With The US

4 June 2019, 13:11 | Updated: 4 June 2019, 13:27

President Trump met the Prime Minister in Downing Street.
President Trump met the Prime Minister in Downing Street. Picture: PA

Donald Trump has said the UK will be able to secure a "very substantial trade deal" with America after Brexit.

During a meeting with the Prime Minister on Tuesday, President Trump said he believed there was scope for more trade between the US and the UK.

"I think we will have a very, very substantial trade deal," he told Mrs May.

"This is something you want to do and my folks want to do," he added. "Stick around. Let's do this deal."

During a meeting with Theresa May and other business leaders, the US president's talked about how there's an opportunity to enlarge the two countries' trading relationship.

He also suggested the Prime Minister, who's stepping down as Tory leader in a few days, might want to stay on.

Mr Trump told Theresa May to "stick around" during a meeting with business leaders on day two of his state visit.

Donald Trump has spoken to Boris Johnson and is set to hold talks with Tory leadership hopeful Michael Gove in a sign that the White House is focusing diplomatic efforts on the potential next prime minister.

The US President called Mr Johnson and offered a one-to-one meeting, but the former foreign secretary is due to attend a leadership hustings on Tuesday night.

The Press Association understands the two men had a "friendly and productive" 20-minute call.

A source said: "Boris thanked him but declined the invitation as he has to focus on the hustings event that was happening at the same time, which the president understood.

"He said he looked forward to catching up at a later date."

Donald Trump's visit has been protested by anti-Trump groups, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn will address crowds on Tuesday afternoon.