Dutch Egg Contamination: Full List Of Products Affected

10 August 2017, 13:35

Picture: PA

These are the products that are being recalled due to the egg contamination scare.

Around 700,000 eggs from Dutch farms linked to a contamination scare have been sent to the UK, the Food Standards Agency has revealed.

It said investigations indicated it was "very unlikely" that the eggs posed a risk to public health.

These are the products that are being withdrawn:

- By Sainsbury's Ham and Egg Salad - 240g - August 9-14

- By Sainsbury's Potato and Egg Salad - 300g - August 9-14

- Morrison's Potato and Egg Salad - 250g - August 13

- Morrisons Egg and Cress Sandwich - Sold in Morrisons Cafe only - August 11

- Morrisons Cafe Sandwich Selection - Sold in Morrisons Cafe only - August 11

- Waitrose Free Range Egg Mayonnaise Deli Filler - 240g - August 13 & 16th August

- Waitrose Free Range Reduced Fat Egg Mayonnaise Deli Filler - 170g - August 14

- Waitrose Free Range Egg and Bacon Deli Filler - 170g - August 14 & 16 August

- Asda Baby potato and free range egg salad - N/A - August 9-14

- Asda Spinach and free range egg snack pot - N/A - August 9-14

- Asda FTG Ham and Cheddar ploughman's salad bowl - N/A - Aug 9-13

Reported adverse effects from consumption of Fipronil include sweating, nausea, vomiting, head and stomach pain, dizziness and seizures, according to the US National Pesticide Information Centre.