'Move - my son needs to go to school': Enraged mother clashes with eco protesters

13 October 2021, 12:08

By Will Taylor

A furious mother took on Insulate Britain protesters, demanding they move to let her take her son to school.

She was seen shouting and pointing at eco-activists who blocked a junction near the Purfleet Freight Terminal in Essex on Wednesday morning.

They have pledged to keep disrupting people's lives and demand the Government steps in to insulate Britain's social housing by 2025.

Two members of the group, wearing high-vis jackets, are seen sitting in front of her car as another stands in front of it, holding on to the bonnet.

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The woman's son can be seen standing out of the car and he exchanges words with protesters too.

"I don't care what the issue is, my son is 11, he needs to get to school today," the furious mother is seen shouting in LBC footage.

"So move out the way and let me get my son to school!"

As queues of vehicles stacked up near the Queen Elizabeth II bridge overpass - in the middle of an industrial park - irate motorists dragged activists off the road.

One driver told LBC he missed his job interview because of the disruption.

At least 16 arrests have been made, with activists also blocking part of Junction 31 on the M25 nearby.

Insulate Britain has caused disruption across the M25 and the Port of Dover in recent weeks, which they are banned from doing under court injunctions.

They blame the Government for their continued protests, demanding Boris Johnson and ministers make a meaningful statement that commits them to insulating the UK's homes.

They cite worries about fuel poverty and environmental reasons as their motivation to demand more insulation.

However, Mr Johnson has branded them "irresponsible crusties" and many figures have spoken against their tactics, fearing they put people off the environmental cause.