'Entitled' mum slammed for money saving tips which include ditching £40k-a-year nanny

9 May 2022, 20:54 | Updated: 11 May 2022, 09:44

Wife of hedge fund manager is branded 'entitled' after sharing plans to combat cost of living crisis
Wife of hedge fund manager is branded 'entitled' after sharing plans to combat cost of living crisis. Picture: Twitter/Alamy

By Patrick Grafton-Green

The wife of a London hedge fund manager has been branded "entitled" after revealing plans to swap a £40k-a-year nanny for a £10k au pair to address the cost of living crisis.

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Jessica Keplinger, 38, from Kingston upon Thames, London, also told The Times she and her husband, Werner, were considering cutting costs by hiring a Tesla instead of continuing to drive an Audi A3.

The interior designer said she would shop at Ocado instead of buying £18 vegetable boxes and stop getting regular takeaways from upmarket restaurant Hakkasan.

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"I would look at my bank balance and think, crikey, that's a lot of money to be spending on frivolous things," the mother-of-one said.

She added: "Food costs are one of the biggest expenses. In Austria, where my husband is from, shopping in Aldi and Lidl is much more common, and is cheaper."

The interview, from earlier this year, has been shared by bemused Twitter users in recent days as the country faces a desperate cost of living crisis.

"More worried about how the au pair and nanny will survive than hearing about this entitled bore," one person wrote.

Another said: "If you're swapping your Audi for a Tesla then I’ll wager the cost of living crisis won’t affect you too much."

"Ditching the school run Audi A3 and ironing her own clothes. The absolute horror," a Twitter user added.

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Another said mockingly: "These people don't know how lucky they are. You want a story of real budget-squeeze?

"I can no longer afford to heat my indoor swimming pool during the evenings, which means I can't enjoy a late night dip.

"Next thing you know, I'll be forced to shop at M&S with the poor people."

Ms Keplinger, who sends her three-year-old son Teddy to a German School with fees of £4,300 per term, had recently moved with her family from a three-bedroom flat in West Hampstead to a four-bedroom house with a garden and driveway.