EU Accept That Boris Johnson Is Not Bluffing About No-Deal Brexit

6 August 2019, 09:05 | Updated: 6 August 2019, 09:06

EU officials have reportedly concluded that a no-deal Brexit at the end of October is now the most likely scenario.

They are said to have briefed diplomats after a meeting last week with Boris Johnson's top Europe adviser David Frost.

Following the meeting, a senior EU diplomat said: "It was clear UK does not have another plan. No intention to negotiate, which would require a plan. A no deal now appears to be the UK government’s central scenario.”

Downing Street says the Prime Minister wants to hold fresh talks to negotiate a new agreement - but that the EU must "change its stance" towards the current Withdrawal Agreement.

Since becoming PM, Mr Johnson has not met EU leaders.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is standing firm on a no-deal Brexit
Prime Minister Boris Johnson is standing firm on a no-deal Brexit. Picture: PA

Will Tanner, a former adviser to Theresa May, has told LBC it's welcome that Brussels is now focusing on a no-deal outcome.

He said: "Ultimately, unless the EU does change its negotiating mandate, then I think no-deal is the central operating assumption on which they'll be working towards.

"It's clear that the Prime Minister is not going to take Theresa May's deal through the House of Commons.

"So unless there is some change in that negotiated deal, then no-deal clearly is the central operating assumption."