EuroMillions winner’s estranged husband ‘hasn’t ruled out’ trying to secure share of fortune despite prenup agreement

23 March 2024, 01:22

Ms Bayford won the lottery with her ex-husband (pictured) and went on to marry Brian Deans who she reportedly 'kicked out'.
Ms Bayford won the lottery with her ex-husband (pictured) and went on to marry Brian Deans who she reportedly 'kicked out'. Picture: Alamy

By Jenny Medlicott

The estranged husband of a EuroMillions winner has told friends he ‘hasn’t ruled out’ trying to get a share in her fortune despite signing a prenup.

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Gillian Bayford and her first husband Adrian scooped £148 million in EuroMillions jackpot in 2012.

However, Ms Bayford separated from her partner before she went on to get hitched to convicted fraudster Brian Deans in 2018.

However, she later split from her second husband too, reportedly ‘kicking him’ out after rowing about his spending sprees.

Mr Deans signed a prenup with his now estranged wife before their wedding in St Andrews, Fife.

But now, according to a friend of Mr Deans, he’s looking at ‘whether he can get any money’ from her winnings despite the agreement.

A friend of his told MailOnline that he said: “I’m not sure how watertight it is legally and whether I can get any money.”

Mr Deans also reportedly confided in the friend that the pair had gone through some rough patches during their six-year relationship, which they now share a four-year-old daughter from.

“The relationship was very up and down, obviously there were some great moments but then there were a lot of dramas as well,” he reportedly said.

“Most of them involving her ex-husband Adrian and their two kids – I'm not saying it was a nightmare the whole time and obviously I've been very fortunate but I'm glad to be out of it.

“She can be very unpredictable, and I can't cope with that. The problem is she falls out with so many people as a result, even her own friends.”

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Ms Bayford with her first husband Adrian.
Ms Bayford with her first husband Adrian. Picture: Alamy

It comes following previous reports Ms Bayford kicked him out after he splurged millions of her fortune on cars, holidays and watches.

Friends said she had already "wasted a small fortune" on him during their time together.

They claimed he would move out following feuds over money and then later returned after she treated him to lavish gifts.

However, Mr Deans hit back at the allegations, as he told his friend: “To say I've spent her money and used her as a cashpoint is just nonsense, it wasn't like that at all.

“To be honest I was uncomfortable with the money that Gillian was spending on me but she is very generous and in a way forces it on you.

“I didn't ask for any of the watches they were all gifts, the cars were all in her name and none of them were in my name and the holidays were together.

“The only thing that was true is the football, I'm mad on football and the Scottish scene isn't brilliant so I have a Man Utd season ticket and watch them whenever I can.

“I'd go down to Manchester every other weekend and I followed them abroad as well but again Gillian was happy to cover that.”

Following reports that he had been ‘kicked out’ due to alleged spending sprees, Mr Deans said he left of his “own accord” because he’d “had enough”.

He continued: “There is no way Gillian will be skint – she is worth more now than when I met her six years ago. She won't go short.

“I never asked for anything from Gillian, she was happy to pay out for it.”

Gillian Bayford and her ex-husband.
Gillian Bayford and her ex-husband. Picture: Alamy

An insider previously told the Sun that Ms Bayford had kicked him out because: “Brian saw Gillian as a cash machine, nothing more.

“She kept throwing money at him to try to make the marriage work. She’d think nothing of giving £20,000 if he asked for it.

“But no amount was ever enough and he wanted more and more.

“She probably got out in the nick of time. If they had kept going the way they were they could have ended up skint.

“He acts like he’s a big deal.”

Ms Bayford won the money in 2012.
Ms Bayford won the money in 2012. Picture: Alamy

Ms Bayford gave her husband a monthly allowance after they married six years ago.

But they are understood to have recently split after cracks began to show.

A friend told the paper: "It was never a happy marriage from what I saw.

"Brian would move out then come back and Gillian would buy him another car. She was besotted.

"She just wanted the marriage to work no matter what.

"I lost count of the amount of cars she bought him. She must have wasted a small fortune on that alone.”

A source said she would hand over large amounts of money as "all she wanted was for her family to stay together".

One insider said: "Brian acted like he was the lottery winner. The cash went straight to his head and he was throwing money about left, right and centre.

"He would fly pals out to watch a football match and pay for everything.

"On top of that he would give them all spending money. It was important to him that everybody knew he was footing the bill.

"But he wasn’t. It was all coming from Gillian."

Ms Bayford's lottery win was one of the biggest jackpots ever at the time.

Ms Bayford refused to comment on the claims to the Sun. Mr Deans said he was the one to end the relationship but provided no further comment.

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