Ever Given: Ship that blocked Suez canal finally arrives in Felixstowe

3 August 2021, 16:22 | Updated: 4 August 2021, 08:30

By Will Taylor

The Ever Given container ship which caused huge disruption to international shipping when it got stuck in the Suez canal has finally arrived in the UK.

The vessel caused both major concerns about the impact to supply networks and online ridicule when it blocked the waterway for nearly a week.

The 400 metre long ship was expected to arrive in the Port of Felixstowe, in Suffolk, in early April.

But it instead arrived on Tuesday after the incident, which also saw the ship get impounded by authorities in Egypt.

Spectators were seen watching the ship arrive in Felixstowe, having become possibly the most famous container ship going.

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It was en route for Rotterdam when it ran into a sandy bank of a single lane section of the canal on March 23.

The incident caused a huge jam as ships were unable to travel up the route, which prevents long journeys around Africa.

Spectators watch the Ever Given arrive in the UK
Spectators watch the Ever Given arrive in the UK. Picture: Alamy

Hundreds of ships were delayed as they waited for the canal to become unblocked and some had to take the route around Africa.

The ship, which ferries cargo between Asia and Europe, was held for three months when a financial dispute broke out about compensation.

It was eventually freed in July, and docked to unload cargo at Rotterdam before heading to Felixstowe.