Are buses on strike today? Latest news and updates on London services

23 March 2023, 10:12

London Abellio red buses
London buses carried out a series of strike dates for February 2023. Picture: Alamy

By Zoe Adams

When is the next TfL Abellio London bus strike? And why are drivers striking? Here's everything you need to know as the city continues to face travel disruption.

Rail, London Underground, Royal Mail and even nurses have all been making history over recent months as they stage a series of strikes to help fight for better working conditions and increased wages as they tackle the cost of living crisis.

And London bus services from Abellio were also a part of that group as they carried out strike days in January and February in a fight for a better pay agreement.

But are London buses on strike today? Well, following their impactful walkouts, Abellio were able to agree a deal which saw them get a fair pay rise which means all further strikes are cancelled.

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So what pay agreement did Abellio bus workers agree to? Why did they call off all further strikes? Here's the latest updates and information.

Red Abellio buses parked at bus garage
Bus drivers were able to secure a pay rise following their strike action. Picture: Alamy

Are London buses on strike today?

All further Abellio London bus strikes have been cancelled after a new payment agreement was made.

The bus company carried out a number of strike dates, which added to the rail disruption, cause a severe affect on transport and travel in the city.

Their industrial action mainly impacted services in West and South London but also delayed night services and some school routes.

Why did London buses call off all further strikes?

Following months of strike action, the bus firm came to an agreement over pay which saw wages of drivers increase by 18% on the basic rate. Overtime and rest-day working rates will also rise.

The raise was called an "important pay victory" by Unite's general secretary Sharon Graham.

She said: "Workers have stood firm and with the support of their union, Unite, they have secured a richly deserved pay increase."

The pay rise will see around £100 a week added to a driver's pay packet, with staff who have been there over two yers, now being paid £18 an hour.

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Are other London transport links on strike?

Rail strikes and London Underground tube strikes are continuing in the city as they are yet to agree on any new pay deal.

March saw further walkouts across train companies including Great Anglia, c2c and Southwestern trains along with a tube strike.

There are further dates confirmed for April as they continue to seek higher wages, better working conditions and to eliminate threats to their pensions.

RMT confirmed there could be a further six months of strike action following a ballot where 94% of its members voted in favour of industrial action.