What time is Boris Johnson's statement today? PM set to address partygate scandal

19 April 2022, 10:46

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson is expected to address his role in partygate today. Picture: Getty

By Zoe Adams

Boris Johnson is expected to make an apology and final statement on partygate in the House of Commons today - here's what time he will be speaking.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will stand up and address his role in the lockdown partygate scandal for the first time today in the House of Commons.

It's expected the PM will make a statement in full, and apologise for attending a gathering for his birthday, despite Covid lockdown rules at the time forbidding such events.

Boris was fined £50 by the Metropolitan police along with Rishi Sunak and around 50 other MPs.

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Here's what time Boris Johnson is speaking today and what it is he's likely to say:

The Prime Minister is expected to apologise and move on to Ukraine crisis
The Prime Minister is expected to apologise and move on to Ukraine crisis. Picture: Alamy

What time is Boris Johnson speaking today?

Boris is expected to make his statement and apology in the House of Commons today from 3.30pm onwards.

MPs will be returning to parliament today following their Easter break.

What will Boris Johnson say in his statement today?

This will be the first time the prime minister has addressed his fine and role in partygate since he was dealt his fine from the police and is believed to want to "set the record straight".

Reports have suggested he will say he did not knowingly break any lockdown rules when he attended a birthday party in his honour in 2020.

While Boris is expected to make a full apology for his involvement, it's believed he has chosen not to address further lockdown party claims that have since been reported.

It's also understood the PM will make the priority of his statement the latest Ukraine and Russia war crisis as well as addressing the new and controversial policy of sending migrants to Rwanda.

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What did Boris Johnson do?

In June 2020, Boris attended a birthday bash in his honour while coronavirus restrictions were in place.

There have been further allegations the PM attended separate parties, which he and Down Street have so far declined to comment on.

Boris was fined £50 for his rule break by the Metropolitan Police.