Eyewitnesses Describe Moment Man With A Shotgun Walked Into Bowling Alley And Declared "Game's Over"

22 October 2017, 18:02 | Updated: 22 October 2017, 18:08

Police have confirmed the incident is not terror related.

Armed police have sealed off a retail park in Warwickshire - where a man with a shotgun has taken hostages.

People are being warned to stay away from Bermuda Park in Nuneaton - which was packed with familes at the start of half-term.

The chief executive of MFA Bowl, Mehdi Amshar, says two people are being held hostage by a gunman.

The incident is not terror-related, according to police.

Eyewitnesses told LBC what happened when the gunman walked across the bowling lanes and declared "game's over everyone."

Liam Roberts said: "There was a man holding a gun above his head with a grey beard. Everyone was screaming and shouting, just trying to get out.

"I ran myself, obviously I wasn't going to stop and watch.

"I think there's five or fewer people in there. I know a lot of people got out.

"I'm a bit shook up really, you don't expect it. I'm just happy to get out, I just hope the other people in the get out safe and he does the right thing.

"He had a shotgun, I thought it was a sword at first. He came out the front with a shotgun telling everyone to move away, no shots were fired."

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