Father fights for life after being attacked when he 'stood up to youths bullying his son'

8 April 2021, 08:21 | Updated: 8 April 2021, 17:57

Alan Willson, 46, pictured with wife Annie, is fighting for his life in hospital
Alan Willson, 46, pictured with wife Annie, is fighting for his life in hospital. Picture: JustGiving

By Asher McShane

A father has been left fighting for life after he was attacked by a group of teenagers when he stepped in to stop them bullying his son in a park.

Alan Willson, 46, was attacked in a park in Worthing, West Sussex after he heard his son was being hurled to the ground, it is reported.

He was attacked when he stepped in to help his son, 11, and suffered multiple injuries. He is now in a coma in Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton where he is fighting for his life.

His wife Annie, 49, wrote online: “So this is what you have done to my husband — hitting him and keep hitting him until he was down and unconscious.“He is fighting for his life after brain surgery for multiple bleeds on the brain.

“He is the most kind and gentle man in the world. My 11-year-old son you have also given mental trauma.

"A father coming to rescue his son because you started physically hurting him and throwing him on the ground.”

The attack took place at 7.30pm on Easter Sunday at Longcroft Park in Worthing, West Sussex.

Five youths have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and grievous bodily harm with intent. They were later released on bail with strict conditions.

Detective Inspector Simon Dunn said: “The assault and the build up to it occurred in a public park in daylight, so it was likely that other people would have witnessed the assault or the suspects running from the scene."I am keen to hear from anyone who has information but is yet to come forward.”

Over £14,000 has been raised so far after a fund was set up to support Alan and his family.

Alan's daughter Becky, 25, posted: "Words can not describe out grateful I am of how much has been given to help my mum and family out at this time. I'm so so shocked this will help my mum out so much while my dad is in hospital thank you so so much every one XXX"

To donate to the fund visit this link

Members of the public can contact police online or by calling 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously online or by calling 0800 555 111.