Five arrested after Extinction Rebellion splash Bank of England with black paint

1 April 2021, 14:27

The Bank of England was targeted by climate activists
The Bank of England was targeted by climate activists. Picture: PA

By Harriet Whitehead

Five people have been arrested after black paint, or ‘fake oil’, was splashed over the Bank of England by Extinction Rebellion protesters.

Climate activists targeted the bank as they say the global financial system is “killing the planet”.

The black paint was thrown on Thursday, on April Fools Day, and a statement from the group dubbed the act "an elaborate April Fools".

The group are holding a series of ‘money rebellion’ protests focusing on banks and finance companies.

Money Rebellion is designed to expose the role of banks in the climate emergency, and Extinction Rebellion is also targeting private banks today.

City of London Police said they were policing the "small protest" outside the bank and have made five arrests. One arrest is for criminal trespass and three arrests for criminal damage.

A further person has also been arrested for going equipped to commit criminal damage. The protesters have now dispersed.

Activists outside the building were dressed in black and holding a banner that read “No More Fossil Fools” .

Makeshift windows showing the impact of climate change were also placed at the front of the building, which has no windows at ground level for security purposes.

The group says the fake oil spray used on the the bank was biodegradable.

Extinction Rebellion posted a statement on its website stating: "This morning in an elaborate April Fools prank two members of Extinction Rebellion dressed as the ‘Fossil Fools’ who are recklessly endangering our future for profit – sprayed the front of the Bank of England with fake oil.

"Others held a banner outside that read ‘No More Fossil Fools’. ‘Windows’ depicting images of the impacts of the climate and ecological emergency were placed outside the building. The ‘windows’, created specifically for the action, symbolised a view into the impacts of the Bank’s activities.

"The action today is part of a wave of actions by XR’s Money Rebellion designed to expose the role of banks in the climate and ecological crisis."