Lord Falconer Says Lammy Is "Completely Wrong" Over Tory Brexiteer Nazi Comparison

15 April 2019, 08:03 | Updated: 15 April 2019, 08:44

David Lammy hit out at hardline Brexiteers
David Lammy hit out at hardline Brexiteers. Picture: PA

The MP for Tottenham has defended comparing some Tory Brexiteers to Nazis. The campaigner for a second Brexit referendum hit out at members of the European Research Group.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday Mr Lammy said that his previous comparison between Brexiteers and Nazis was “not strong enough."

When asked if he defended his views over a comparison he previously made between the ERG and the Nazi Party and South African racists, the prominent Labour MP replied: "I would say that that wasn't strong enough. In 1938 there were allies who hatched a plan for Hitler to annex part of Czechoslovakia, and Churchill said no, and he stood alone."

"We must not appease. We're in a situation now, and let me just be clear, I'm an ethnic minority."

Former Labour Justice Secretary Lord Falconer told Nick Ferrari that Labour MP David Lammy was "completely wrong" to compare hardline Tory Brexiteers to Nazis.

Jacob Rees-Mogg hit back at Mr Lammy, saying that he felt sorry for the Tottenham MP and that, "comparing a Parliamentary ginger group with an organisation and creed that killed six million Jewish people makes him look foolish and his comments unbalanced. It damages his reputation."

When it was put to Mr Lammy that he was saying Mr Rees-Mogg and former foreign secretary Boris Johnson are equivalent to Nazis, Mr Lammy said: "Ask Boris Johnson why he's hanging out with Steve Bannon."