Furious cafe owner refuses to take whip round cash from eco protesters

15 September 2021, 10:59 | Updated: 17 September 2021, 18:02

By Emma Soteriou

An angry cafe owner has turned down cash from members of Insulate Britain after the group had a whip round during the M25 protests.

The man claimed he had lost business because of them, prompting the group to put their hands in their pockets and offer up what they had in contribution.

Each protester gave £10, but the furious owner refused to take the cash, leading to a row just off the busy motorway.

"You can't have a whip round for me. What about the other thousands of people that are on the motorway? You've destroyed all their businesses," he argued.

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He suggested the group instead headed to parliament, in which an elderly protester said in response: "We tried, but they're not listening!

"We've written to Boris Johnson making a very straight forward demand but he's not replied to it."

"Well keep doing it. Keep bombarding him," the owner said.

A woman working for the cafe questioned the man on the danger of leaving people waiting on the M25 without a break as well as the impact the traffic jam itself would be having on climate change.

The protester agreed that he was "concerned" but was set on getting the group's demands met by the Prime Minister.

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It came after the cafe owner approached the group in anger as police surrounded them.

"Excuse me protesters, you do realise that you're disturbing my business?" he said.

"I've made no money today," he added. "I've got kids to feed, a mortgage to pay and insulation in my walls to put up.

"How am I supposed to do that if you lot aren't getting out the way and letting my business work? No answers... from any of you?"

One person responded: "We're very sorry."

Insulate Britain entered its second day of protests on the M25 on Wednesday morning, presenting banners to drivers that read 'sorry for the disruption'.

The group has faced a barrage of insults from motorists stuck in backed up queues during rush hour, but they have told LBC that they believe disruptions are the only way to get the government's attention.