Moment police confront man for not wearing mask while 'ordering Subway'

6 December 2021, 15:13 | Updated: 6 December 2021, 15:18

By Patrick Grafton-Green

This the moment two police officers confronted a man for not wearing a mask while he ordered a sandwich in a shop in England.

In the clip, two Greater Manchester Police (GMP) officers approach the man, who insists he is exempt from wearing a face covering and says he is ordering a Subway.

Masks were recently made compulsory in some settings in England, including shops and takeaways, unless exempt for medical reasons.

Those who flout restrictions face a £200 fine for the first offence, up to a maximum penalty of £6,400.

A GMP spokeswoman confirmed the force was aware of the footage and added "it is reasonable to expect a police officer to make enquiries to ensure compliance with the law".

In the video, filmed by the offender, he is told by one officer "it's your attitude" but insists "I'm exempt so I don’t need a mask, so mind your business".

"What I'm going to do with you now, I'm going to ask you why you're exempt," the officer says to him.

The man responds: "You don't need to worry, it's my medical history, I'm not asking your medical history so don't worry", before continuing "no you won't, no you won't, I'll be going, no you won't".

He then films the other officer, whose mask is on below his nose, and says: "You don't even have your mask on properly, look at this guy, he's got his nose out and he's trying to tell me to wear a mask when I'm exempt for asthma so mind your business and let me go my journey."

The officer quickly pulls the mask back over his nose.

The other officer then stops the man from leaving and explains: "At the minute, you're under arrest for not wearing a mask."

However, not wearing a mask is not an arrestable offence.

GMP said no arrest had been made.

A spokeswoman added: "We are aware of footage circulating on social media which appears to show an officer engaging with a member of the public regarding the wearing a face mask.

"From 30 November 2021, there are some places where you must wear a face covering by law, unless you are exempt. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect a police officer to make enquiries to ensure compliance with the law.

"We will always aim to engage with the public and explain the reasons for our enquiries first, and only move to enforcement as a final option.

"The public can and will see our officers engaging with the public on these matters as we continue to help stop the spread of this virus."