HS2 protesters blockade site and demand money goes to NHS instead

4 May 2020, 07:48 | Updated: 4 May 2020, 09:41

By Adrian Sherling

A group of protesters are demanding that the money spent on HS2 should be spent on the NHS instead.

Work on HS2 is underway at Euston Station - and is continuing despite the lockdown - and the group, calling themselves "HS2 Rebellion" are insisting the work should stop immediately.

During one hairy moment, the protesters sat in front of a huge flatbed lorry trying to enter the construction site, blocking its path.

After around an hour, a large group of Met Police officers arrived at the scene. At that point, the protesters started jogging on the spot, claiming that they were participating in "essential exercise".

They were soon moved on by the officers.

HS2 protesters sit in front of a flat-bed lorry at Euston
HS2 protesters sit in front of a flat-bed lorry at Euston. Picture: LBC

LBC's Rachael Venables was at the scene and said: "I'm looking at three protesters. They're wearing masks and gloves and are holding banners that they say are two metres wide.

"They say 'NHS Not HS2' and they are blockading at least one of the entrances here at the HS2 construction site at Euston.

"They are being watched closely by British Transport Police officers on the other side of the road.

"They have been here since 7am and they say they will be here until 7pm."

Chelle, one of the protesters, told LBC: "These are not essential workers. Our key workers are dying on the front line.

"We have the absolute horrific destruction of nature, the greatest destruction since World War One and we are currently in a climate emergency. HS2 does not fit in with anything to help us in our future. This is causing more destruction and this will only lead to further destruction in the future."