Huawei Leak: No Crime Has Been Committed Say Police

4 May 2019, 14:19 | Updated: 4 May 2019, 14:28

Gavin Williamson was fired by the Prime Minister after he refused to quit.
Gavin Williamson was fired by the Prime Minister after he refused to quit. Picture: PA

Police say a leak of information from a National Security Council meeting about the involvement of the Chinese firm Huawei in UK telecoms infrastructure did not break the law.

Politicians called for a police investigation into the matter which saw Gavin Williamson sacked as Defence Secretary. Mr Williamson strongly denied being the leak.

The head of Specialist Operations for the Met Police, Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, said: “I have spoken to the Cabinet Office regarding the nature of the material that was discussed in the National Security Council.

"This material was used to inform a discussion, the outcome of which was subsequently disclosed to the media. I am satisfied that what was disclosed did not contain information that would breach the Official Secrets Act."

AC Basu said he had considered all the information available and taken legal advice, "I am satisfied that the disclosure did not amount to a criminal offence, either under the Official Secrets Act or Misconduct in a Public Office.

"No crime has been committed and this is not a matter for the police," the senior officer said.

"Any organisation has the right to conduct an internal investigation into conduct in the workplace," Mr Basu said.

A police spokesperson said it would be inappropriate to carry out a police investigation in these circumstances.