Huge 20ft sinkhole swallows motorbike in London street

22 June 2022, 11:37 | Updated: 23 June 2022, 12:11

A huge sinkhole swallowed a motorcycle in Bexleyheath, London.
A huge sinkhole swallowed a motorcycle in Bexleyheath, London. Picture: Rian Bond

By Sophie Barnett

A huge sinkhole has opened up and swallowed a motorbike in a south-east London street.

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Police rushed to cordon off Martens Avenue, Bexleyheath, after the tarmac caved in about 9pm on Tuesday.

It remains unclear as to what caused the sinkhole, measuring around 20ft-wide, to rupture the road.

Resident Rian Bond, who shared pictures of the sinkhole on Facebook, said: "Sink hole just now in Martens Ave! No one hurt."

Other people claimed on social media that a motorcyclist didn’t see the huge hole and rode into the crater.

No injuries were reported but a motorbike is pictured lying on its side inside the hole.

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A sinkhole opened up in Martens Avenue.
A sinkhole opened up in Martens Avenue. Picture: Ria Bond/Facebook

Photographs show the size of the hole spanning the entire width of the road. It's said to be more than 16ft deep.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “Police were called to Martens Avenue, Bexleyheath, shortly before 21.00hrs on 21 June to reports of a large sinkhole.

“There are no reported injuries.”

The sinkhole in Bexleyheath.
The sinkhole in Bexleyheath. Picture: Rian Bond/Facebook

London Fire Brigade was also called to the scene of the five-metre-deep sinkhole.

A spokesman said: “We helped make the scene safe and the incident was over for crews by 10.28pm.”