Iain Dale Thinks This Caller Deserves A Peerage For His Brexit Solution

10 September 2019, 10:49

John, from Rayleigh, impressed LBC presenter Iain Dale with his 'original' idea to revoke Article 50, hold an election, invoke Article 50 and then leave the EU as soon as possible.

Iain said: "If there's anybody in Downing Street listening to you, I think you might deserve a peerage for getting them out a hole with that suggestion."

The caller explained that, if he was Boris Johnson, he would revoke Article 50 because that would remove the need to ask for an extension.

He'd then hold an election, hopefully get a large enough majority to invoke Article 50 again and then leave the European Union as soon as possible.

Iain Dale thinks John might deserve a peerage
Iain Dale thinks John might deserve a peerage. Picture: LBC

Iain referred to it as 'ingenious' and 'original' idea. He then said that he couldn't think of an idea as to why it wouldn't work.

He then called on listeners to let him know if there was a reason why this solution wouldn't work.

Some people on Twitter liked the idea.

But others had the same concern.