Inside the Russian torture chambers with buckets full of pulled out teeth yanked out of victims

5 October 2022, 12:57 | Updated: 5 October 2022, 13:04

Police made a chilling discovery inside a torture chamber in Ukraine
Police made a chilling discovery inside a torture chamber in Ukraine. Picture: Kharkiv police
Fran Way

By Fran Way

A torture chamber with a box full of pulled-out teeth has been found by investigators in a Ukraine town.

Police found evidence that victims were having to wear a gas mask with a burning rag stuffed into it, while others were buried alive.

The chilling discovery was made in the Pisky-Radkivski village of the newly-liberated Kharkiv region by chief police investigator Serhii Bolvinov.

He said he uncovered the war crimes in a basement of an abandoned house.

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Box of gold teeth yanked out of Ukrainians
Box of gold teeth yanked out of Ukrainians. Picture: Kharkiv police

Pictures from the deserted house show a clear plastic box with hundreds of teeth, implants and gold dentures inside that police say were yanked from mouths of Ukrainians on the site.

A gas mask is also pictured with what appears to be a burnt out rag so the person wearing it would be forced to inhale toxic smoke.

gas mask in the torture chambers
gas mask in the torture chambers. Picture: Kharkiv police

It’s the latest in a string of attacks against innocent people living in Ukraine.

Mr Bolvinov said on Facebook: “Neighbours could hear screams from there all the time. Investigators found a terrible execution in the village.

“At the moment, the police know about the torture of burying into the ground alive and the use of a gas mask with a rag."