Party-goers 'terrify' Londoners as they dress up as Insulate Britain protesters on Halloween

1 November 2021, 12:15 | Updated: 1 November 2021, 12:18

The revellers dressed staged a mock Insulate Britain protest
The revellers dressed staged a mock Insulate Britain protest. Picture: TikTok

By Patrick Grafton-Green

A group of party-goers terrified Londoners on Halloween as they took to the streets dressed up as Insulate Britain protesters.

Video footage posted on social media show a group staging a mock protest in the middle of a central London street, even holding up a car as passersby look on in amusement.

The four men, dressed in high-vis jackets and hard hats, brandished a red and blue Insulate Britain banner.

Insulate Britain posted an image on social media, writing: "This movement is growing. Insulate Britain supporters were out last night calling for the government to do what's right."

And they weren't the only revellers to take inspiration from the recent protests.

In recent weeks, the environmental activists have caused misery for drivers during rush-hour as they blocked the M25, the entrance to the port of Dover, and a number of other key routes.

Protesters have glued themselves to the road in order to stop traffic and have clashed with furious drivers, as they called on the Government to take action and insulate Britain's homes.

Last week, the Government took out a nationwide injunction against protesters, which means those who breach the ban will be in contempt of court and at risk of imprisonment, an unlimited fine or both.

However, protesters have returned to the roads in breach of the injunctions taken out against them.

The discussion about the two protest groups comes ahead of the COP26 summit, where world leaders will come together to discuss their actions to address the climate crisis.