Rockets land inside Baghdad Green Zone near US Embassy

8 January 2020, 17:04 | Updated: 9 January 2020, 00:44

Iraqi soldiers stand guard in front of the US embassy
Iraqi soldiers stand guard in front of the US embassy. Picture: PA

Two rockets have landed near the US Embassy inside the Baghdad Green Zone in another night of strikes in the Iraqi capital.

The strike, confirmed by the Iraqi military, is not thought to have hit the Embassy or resulted in any casualties.

On Tuesday, 22 missiles were fired, with 10 striking the Ain al-Asad base 100 miles west of Baghdad, one striking a base in Irbil in northern Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdish region, and another four missing their targets.

Separately a passenger plane crashed near Tehran's airport, killing 176 people including three Brits.

Over the past 24 hours...

- After Tuesday's attacks, Donald Trump tweeted “all is well” and that damage assessments were being carried out. He later said that the US was "ready for anything" and that Iran was "standing down"

- Boris Johnson said the UK condemned the attack and warned Iran should not repeat "these reckless and dangerous attacks". He also told the House of Commons that Major General Qasem Soleimani had the "blood of British troops on is hands".

- A plane crashed near Tehran shortly after take-off killing 176 people including three Brits

- The black box has been recovered but Tehran's civil aviation organisation says it won't give it to the plane's manufacturer Boeing.

- There is no evidence that the two incidents are linked.

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