Andy Coulson: Jeremy Bowen tells me how the Ukrainians are surviving the war

5 April 2022, 17:10 | Updated: 5 April 2022, 17:14

Jeremy Bowen speaks to the Crisis What Crisis podcast from Ukraine

Andy Coulson

By Andy Coulson

My guest for this special episode of Crisis What Crisis – talking to me from the world’s crisis capital Kyiv – is BBC broadcaster Jeremy Bowen.

Jeremy’s dramatic dispatches, with his trademark focus on the moving, at times frankly horrific, human stories of loss and despair, have revealed the appalling impact of Russia’s invasion.

This is a truly frontline crisis conversation with a man who felt compelled to put himself in danger once more to tell what he describes as the most important story of his 38 year career in news.

As Jeremy played down the risks of his assignment, our pod was interrupted by a tannoy message from the hotel suggesting to guests that they should use the bomb shelter below to stay safe through the night.

Jeremy, of course, was having none of it. In this conversation he gives us his brilliant analysis of how we got here and where this war might take us.

But Jeremy also is able to give us a powerful, first-person account of how the people of Ukraine have dealt with an existential crisis for them, their families and for their country. 

"They are surviving because they are stoic," says Jeremy. So, this is a unique episode packed with real-time crisis insight.  I hope you enjoy it and we’ll be back with a new series of Crisis What Crisis? soon.

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Crisis What Crisis? Is now live on Global Player and you can listen here.