Jeremy Hunt Fires Digs At Johnson, May And Cameron in Entertaining Twitter Q&A

26 June 2019, 07:40

Jeremy Hunt answering questions in a Twitter Q&A
Jeremy Hunt answering questions in a Twitter Q&A. Picture: Twitter / Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt held a Twitter Q&A after Boris Johnson refused to take part in a debate on the Conservative leadership - and it proved very entertaining.

The leadership candidate used the hashtag #BoJoNoShow as he took questions from the public that ranged from the serious to the absurd.

And clearly enjoying himself, he couldn't help but having a few digs at his leadership rival, as well as previous Prime Ministers Theresa May and David Cameron.

Here are the best tweets from the #BoJoNoShow Q&A.

He took several shots at Boris Johnson for refusing to take part in a debate.

When he was asked what football team he supported, he teased David Cameron over his confusion on the subject.

There was a contemporary take on the classic question...

And finally, we know where we stand on one of the most important questions of the day: cats or dogs?

Jeremy Hunt REALLY likes cheese...

There were of course a few serious responses. These are his priorities for public spending if he becomes Prime Minister.

And Mr Hunt promised to include a wide range of groups to find a Brexit deal that works for everyone.

When he was asked if he was just Theresa May in disguise, he had a snappy response.

And he ended with a dig at himself and the regular mishap that broadcasters often have with his name...