Serial rapists Joseph McCann and Reynhard Sinaga given extra 10 years in prison

11 December 2020, 16:45 | Updated: 11 December 2020, 16:48

Serial rapists Reynhard Sinaga (left) and Joseph McCann (right) are both serving life sentences.
Serial rapists Reynhard Sinaga (left) and Joseph McCann (right) are both serving life sentences. Picture: PA

By Joe Cook

England's two "most depraved" serial rapists, Joseph McCann and Reynhard Sinaga, have had their minimum jail terms increased from 30 to 40 years.

The Court of Appeal has added another 10 years to the prison terms of the two men, both currently serving life sentences, who between them were convicted of raping 60 victims.

Whether either are ever released will depend on the Parole Board's assessment of the risk they pose after they have served their minimum jail terms.

At a hearing in London in October, Solicitor General Michael Ellis QC described the pair’s crimes as “some of the worst and most violent that this country has ever witnessed”.

McCann, 35, was given 33 life sentences at the Old Bailey last December for a string of sex attacks on 11 women and children - one aged 11 - during a 15-day cocaine and vodka-fuelled rampage.

Meanwhile, Sinaga, 37, was handed a life sentence at Manchester Crown Court in January after being convicted of more than 150 offences, including 136 counts of rape, committed against 48 men - although police have linked him to more than 190 potential victims.

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Earlier this year, the Attorney General’s Office said the pair's original 30-year minimum jail terms were “unduly lenient”.

A panel of five judges at the Court of Appeal refused to impose whole life terms, explaining this is normally reserved for murder or attempted murder.

Giving the court's ruling on Friday, the Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett said: "The offending in the cases of McCann and Sinaga, very serious indeed though it is, does not, in our judgment, call for either to receive a whole life tariff.

"This is not to minimise the seriousness of their offending but instead to ensure that the most severe sentence in our jurisdiction is reserved, save exceptionally, either for the most serious cases involving loss of life, or when a substantive plan to murder of similar seriousness is interrupted close to fulfilment."

He added: "Neither man has shown any remorse and the long-term psychological damage for at least some of the victims in both trials is profound and will only be understood in the years to come."

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The room in Manchester where Sinaga sexually assaulted his victims.
The room in Manchester where Sinaga sexually assaulted his victims. Picture: PA/GMP

In a statement after the ruling, Mr Ellis said: "Both offenders carried out some of the most heinous and depraved sexual attacks that shocked the nation.

"I am grateful for the guidance the court gave about whole life orders and I am pleased that the court imposed a longer minimum term.

"I hope this brings some solace to the victims of these despicable crimes."

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The case was the first time two separate offenders' sentences have been challenged together as being unduly lenient.

Greater Manchester Police assistant chief constable Mabs Hussain said that investigators now believe Sinaga committed sexual offences against 206 men, as a result of further evidence coming to light.

Mr Hussain urged anyone who thinks they may have been a victim to contact either the force or specialist organisations such as Sarc.