Starmer to set out vision for future Labour government: 'The best still lies ahead'

3 January 2022, 22:30 | Updated: 3 January 2022, 22:35

Sir Keir Starmer speaks at last year's Labour Party Conference
Sir Keir Starmer speaks at last year's Labour Party Conference. Picture: Alamy

By Patrick Grafton-Green

Sir Keir Starmer will set out his vision for a future Labour government on Tuesday, declaring the "best still lies ahead" but "only if we have the courage to create a new Britain".

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The Labour leader is due to give a speech in Birmingham, in which he will look ahead to the Queen's platinum jubilee and the Commonwealth Games later in the year.

He is expected to say: "As we begin this new year, Britain has entered a new phase. Because just as the government has revealed itself to be unworthy of your trust, its incompetence is becoming plain.

"The cost of living is increasing. Energy bills are going up; wages are stagnant. Tax rises are coming in April. Too many people do not feel safe in their streets. And good luck to anyone trying to get a quick GP appointment."

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He will add: "I am well aware that just because the Tories lose the public's trust, it doesn't mean Labour simply inherits it. Trust has to be earned. I am confident but not complacent about the task ahead."

Sir Keir will say how he wants to set out his vision for a future Labour government based on "security, prosperity and respect".

He will set out in his speech to local politicians and the media how everyone has a right to feel safe, to rely on the NHS when needed, and to have job security in exchange for hard work.

And he will outline how he believes everyone should have the opportunity to thrive, with a focus on building skills.

He will insist respect is just as important, with everyone's ambitions deserving to be recognised.

He will say: "I am personally thankful that I grew up in a country which had a national health service to care for my mum when she needed help, that gave me the opportunity to go to university and become a lawyer and fight for what is right.

"This country has presented me with great opportunities. It's a great place to live. But I don't think you cease to be a patriot because you notice your country has flaws.

"On the contrary, the reason we in this party want to correct those flaws is precisely because we are patriotic. I came into politics to make things happen not just to talk about them.

"I don't think politics is a branch of the entertainment industry. I think it's the serious business of getting things done.

"This year, 2022 is a big year. It is Her Majesty the Queen's platinum jubilee. This city is looking forward to hosting the Commonwealth Games. We will host the women's Euros and our men's team will compete in the World Cup.

"The Britain I want is a country in which those who contribute get something back. Because 2022 is also the first year in which we need to tackle some big challenges: repairing after the pandemic; combating the climate crisis; making Brexit work.

"I believe that the best still lies ahead for this country. But only if we have the courage to create a new Britain. A country in which you and your family get the security, prosperity and respect you deserve."