Ken Loach claims he has been booted out of Labour amid Keir Starmer 'witch hunt'

14 August 2021, 17:22

Ken Loach has hit out at Sir Keir Starmer
Ken Loach has hit out at Sir Keir Starmer. Picture: Alamy

By Will Taylor

Left wing filmmaker Ken Loach has said he was booted out of the Labour Party because critics of the leadership are being "purged" in a "witch hunt".

The life-long socialist and supporter of ex-leader Jeremy Corbyn said Sir Keir Starmer’s "clique" could not lead a "party of the people".

The 85-year-old creative, whose filmography includes Kes and I, Daniel Blake, said he did not want to "disown” other critics on the left-wing of Labour.

Four groups were expelled last month because their views were "not compatible" with Labour's views.

They included groups that were critical of Sir Keir's bid to take on anti-Semitism within the party.

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In a thread of tweets, Mr Loach said: "Labour HQ finally decided I'm not fit to be a member of their party, as I will not disown those already expelled.

"Well, I am proud to stand with the good friends and comrades victimised by the purge.

"There is indeed a witch hunt.

"Starmer and his clique will never lead a party of the people.

"We are many, they are few. Solidarity."

A Labour spokesperson said: "We are not going to comment on individual cases. As previously reported, the NEC took the decision to proscribe a number of organisations at its last meeting."

Sir Keir is hoping his fortunes as leader improve as his party lags behind the Conservatives in the polls.

A recent YouGov poll found 30% of people believe Boris Johnson would be better as Prime Minister while 28% backed Sir Keir.

He has faced internal issues with supporters of Mr Corbyn who believe the former leader was unfairly ousted and was never accepted by people in Labour who are politically to the right of them.