Labour Hits Out Over Trump State Visit

23 April 2019, 15:29

Donald Trump's 2018 visit sparked large protests
Donald Trump's 2018 visit sparked large protests. Picture: PA

Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary has hit out at Theresa May and Donald Trump following the announcement of a state visit by the US President.

Emily Thornberry condemned the visit, saying: "It beggars belief that on the very same day Donald Trump is threatening to veto a UN resolution against the use of rape as a weapon of war, Theresa May is pressing ahead with her plans to honour him with a State Visit to the UK."

Mrs Thornberry said the Prime Minister "has no business wasting taxpayers’ money on all the pomp, ceremony and policing costs that will come with this visit.”

Buckingham Palance announced on Tuesday that President Trump will make a trip to the UK in the first week of June.

It is likely that Mr Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump will be greeted by the Queen, before being hosted at Buckingham Palace.

Protesters have already started to organise demonstrations.