As it happened: Kamala Harris takes on Mike Pence in Vice Presidential debate

8 October 2020, 00:19 | Updated: 8 October 2020, 05:02

Nick Hardinges

By Nick Hardinges

Mike Pence and Kamala Harris took each other on in the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Pence and Harris began going head-to-head at around 2am (BST) in the televised event, during which they were seated more than 12ft apart and separated by plexiglass barriers.

The 90-minute debate was split into 10-minute sections and kicked off at 7pm local time, with all audience members made to wear face coverings.

It comes after US President Donald Trump returned to the Oval Office despite still recovering from coronavirus.

You can follow all the updates latest updates in our live blog below or tune in to the debate on LBC News.

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