Llandudno Restaurant's Rules On Kids Spark Online Outrage

25 April 2019, 08:42 | Updated: 25 April 2019, 08:46

Mediterranean restaurant in Llandudno.
Mediterranean restaurant in Llandudno. Picture: Google Streetview

A restaurant has sparked online outrage after threatening to kick out families whose kids are “crying or screaming."

A large list of rules on children is printed on the menu of the Mediterranean restaurant in Llandudno, which the owner says only offends parents who "want to let their children run around."

The restaurant describes itself as "North Wales’ first choice for Turkish, Greek, Italian, Spanish and French cuisine. The only place to go for fish in LLandudno."

The list posted online by mum Helen Hyland, 52, from Stirling, Scotland, who was on holiday in the Welsh resort. When the post went viral Mrs Hyland deleted the Facebook message.

"Children must be seated at all times," is just one of the restaurant's rules. Other edicts state kids must be escorted to the toilet and served off plastic plates - because porcelain plates are “too hot”.

Speaking to North Wales Live the owner Mrs Atay said: "There are restaurants where kids are welcome but there are glasses on the table, forks, knives, side plates and flower pots in our restaurant.

"We have a fountain and we can't have it on because children have their hands in it and it causes a trip hazard on the floor for our staff with hot plates.

"Some parents come into the restaurant and they think their children can do what they want. Ninety percent of parents are great with their children, but there are a few unfortunately who think they can come on holiday and take a holiday from their parenting, from everything.

"The only parents that are offended are those who want to let their children run around."

But, not everyone was upset. One review said the rules would make them want to go there. The five star review on Google said it "makes a change for a restaurant to cater for adults instead of those 'precious' children."

The rules in full:

-Children must be seated at all times, not left to run around the restaurant. The restaurant can be a very dangerous place; staff carrying hot plates etc. We will not be held responsible for your children if they are hurt in the restaurant because they are not being looked after.

-Children are the sole responsibility of their guardian while in our restaurant.

-Children must be accompanied to the toilets for health and safety reasons.

-Children under eight years old will be served with melamine plates and bowls, due to our porcelain plates being served hot.

-Crying/Screaming children: The management love children in the restaurant, but we do understand that when children are crying or screaming in the restaurant it does upset our other customers. Customers do not come to listen to screaming children.

-We ask in the most politest way possible, please if your child is crying/screaming, please take them out of the restaurant until they've calmed down. I really do not want to upset anyone, but we have had complaints in the past.  You have to understand people do not come out to listen to crying/screaming children. So please be considerate to others.

-Unfortunately, if a child cannot be stopped from disturbing other diners we will unfortunately have to ask you to leave the restaurant, which we really would hate to do. I know it would offend and we'd hate that too!!