Elections 2021: Key timings as polls open on 'Super Thursday'

5 May 2021, 07:58 | Updated: 6 May 2021, 07:44

People in England, Scotland and Wales will head to the polls on Thursday
People in England, Scotland and Wales will head to the polls on Thursday. Picture: PA

By Patrick Grafton-Green

Britain is heading to the polls today on what has been dubbed "Super Thursday".

Local elections are taking place across England today with polls opening at 7am, while parliamentary elections are happening in Scotland and Wales.

Here is our guide to the likely declaration times of the results:

Thursday May 6

10pm: Polls close across Great Britain. Counting begins for the Hartlepool parliamentary by-election, Doncaster mayor and 19 of 143 councils in England.

Friday May 7

From 2am: First results likely from the 19 councils in England counting overnight.

4am to 6am: Hartlepool by-election result expected.

By 6am: Doncaster mayoral result.

From around 9am: Counting begins in all seats for the Welsh Parliament, seven of the 14 constituencies for the London Assembly, 46 of the 73 constituencies for the Scottish Parliament, 79 councils in England, three of the 39 elections for police and crime commissioners, and the election for Liverpool mayor. No results are likely during the morning.

From 12pm: First results expected from the 79 councils in England and 46 Scottish parliamentary constituencies counting on Friday.

From 2pm: Liverpool mayoral result.

From 3pm: First results likely from Wales. All results for the Welsh Parliament are due to be declared by late Friday evening.

From mid-afternoon: First results from London. The seven constituencies being counted on Friday are Bexley & Bromley, Brent & Harrow, Ealing & Hillingdon, Havering & Redbridge, Lambeth & Southwark, North East and West Central.

Results are also due for the police and crime commissioners for Avon and Somerset and Staffordshire.

From 7pm: Final results from Wales, along with any remaining results from the 46 of 73 Scottish parliamentary constituencies counting on Friday.

The result is also due for the Derbyshire police and crime commissioner.

Saturday May 8

From around 9am: Counting resumes. In London, the remaining seven assembly constituencies will begin counting, after which the London-wide seats will be allocated.

In Scotland, all remaining constituency seats will be counted, after which the regional seats will be allocated.

A total of 35 councils in England are due to count their results on Saturday, along with at least 11 of the 39 police and crime commissioners.

Counts will also begin in the mayoral elections for Bristol, Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, London, North Tyneside, Salford, the West of England and the West Midlands.

From 12pm: First results due from the 35 councils in England counting on Saturday. Results from Scotland should also resume. The results for the Liverpool City Region, North Tyneside and West of England mayors are likely.

From mid-afternoon: Results due from the seven remaining London Assembly constituencies: Barnet & Camden, City & East, Croydon & Sutton, Enfield & Haringey, Greenwich & Lewisham, Merton & Wandsworth and South West.

Results for 11 police and crime commissioners are likely. The results for the Greater Manchester, Salford and West Midlands mayors are also due.

From early evening: Results for the London-wide seats in the assembly should be calculated and published. The result for the London mayoral election is also due.

The Bristol mayoral result is likely. Final results are likely for the Scottish Parliament, including all the regional seats.

Sunday May 9

From around 9am: Any possible late declarations from Scotland or London. In England, 10 councils are due to start counting.

Votes will also be counted for the West Yorkshire mayor, and for the police and crime commissioners in Dyfed-Powys, Gwent and North Wales.

From 12pm: Results are due from 10 councils in England and for the West Yorkshire mayor. Results for the police and crime commissioners in Dyfed-Powys, Gwent and North Wales are likely later in the afternoon.

Monday May 10

From around 9am: Counting will begin in all remaining police and crime commissioner elections - likely to be at least 10 contests - along with any remaining councils in England. Results for the commissioners are likely to be declared in the afternoon.

Tuesday May 11

If any elections are delayed significantly by recounts or other issues, there is a chance some results might not be declared until Tuesday.