Construction Workers Jailed For Bottling Colleague At Christmas Party

11 August 2017, 18:20 | Updated: 22 August 2017, 09:55

This is the astonishing moment two men bottled and punched their fellow work colleague at a staff Christmas party.

The victim was left with a three-inch gash on his head following the violent pub brawl in Trinity Square.

The fight broke out shortly after 2.30pm on 22nd December 2016 in the middle of the Liberty Bounds pub, the City of London Magistrates’ Court heard.

The bar was packed with people celebrating Christmas when the group of five construction workers began arguing.

Armendi Dokle, 35, from The Crescent, Ilford then threw a bottle at the victims head, before Durim Beqiri, 37, from Upton Lane, Newham grabbed a pint glass and slammed it towards the victim.

The pair, who admitted to have drunk eight to ten beers within five hours, were arrested at the scene.

They pleaded guilty to actual bodily harm and were sentenced to 18 weeks in prison last month, however the details have only just emerged.

Det Con Joe Farrell from the City of London Police, said: “This was a nasty and violent attack which left the victim with a serious head injury.

“Luckily, he has now recovered, but the effects of this attack could have been far worse.”

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