London Bridge: Terrifying Video Shows Armed Police Shouting "Get Down" In Bar

3 June 2017, 23:42 | Updated: 4 June 2017, 01:11

A video has emerged showing panicked people being told to hide under tables at a busy London Bridge bar.


The video was posted by James Yates, who was drinking at the bar as the incident unfolded outside.

Armed police stormed into the bar, screaming "Get down, get down".

Customers can then see hiding under tables at the bar.

Everyone was then locked in for their own safety.

It comes after reports of a van running into pedestrians on London Bridge, then three men running out with 12-inch blades.

There are further reports of gunfire, while LBC's reporter saw polie entering Monument Station after running after and bringing down a man in a red t-shirt.