Youths Sprayed With Fire Extinguisher As They Attack London Subway Restaurant

29 January 2019, 15:03

A mob of youths attacked and smashed up a Subway restaurant in Dagenham after reportedly hearing rumours of free food being given away.

An employee could be seen spraying a fire extinguisher towards the yobs as they tried to force their way into the east London outlet.

One youngster kicked in the door, causing a glass window to shatter as the baying crowd cheered and others inside brawled.

The Dagenham brawl was filmed on a person's mobile phone
The Dagenham brawl was filmed on a person's mobile phone. Picture: News Dog Media

The incident took place at about 5:45pm on Friday.

Police say no arrests were made and enquiries are ongoing.

A Subway spokesman said: "An incident took place on Friday evening which was unconnected to the Subway Store.

"We can categorically confirm it was not as a result of the store giving away ‘end of the line’ food.”