Moped Crime In London: How To Avoid Being A Victim

7 June 2018, 07:58 | Updated: 7 June 2018, 09:48

London has been hit by a spate of moped gang crimes. Here's what you can do to minimise the chances of being a victim of a moped mugging.

- WATCH: Proof that moped crime is rocketing in London

Moped crime has come into focus following the attack in which comedian Michael McIntyre had his expensive Rolex watch stolen, while an Australian TV crew had their camera taken.

The number of moped-enabled crimes is rocketing. But personal security expert Kirsty Henderson told LBC what you can do to ensure you're not targeted.

What to do to stop moped thieves targeting you

- Your mobile is worth hundreds of pounds. Don't have your mobile phone out as you walk down the street.

- Don't put your phone in an outside pocket, keep it close to your body.

- Don't give the idea you are carrying wealth on you, such as an expensive watch, as it will attract victims.

Meanwhile, former Met Police counter-terror officer tweeted his advice after looking at the video of Mr McIntyre's attack.

He advises:

- Vary your routine and driving routes to ensure that robbers won't be able to plan ahead knowing your location.

- If you're in your car, drive away. Car windows are surprisingly strong.

- Passers-by often outnumber the robbers and could have acted together to scare them away

The Moped Crime Hotspots

These are the six hotspots in London where the Met Police are urging pedestrians to be aware of mopeds:

1. Oxford Street

2. Regent Street

3. Bond Street

4. Upper Street

5. King's Road

6. Marylebone High Street