Incredible Account Of Finsbury Park Incident From Injured Man

19 June 2017, 08:09 | Updated: 19 June 2017, 08:47

A man who was injured in the Finsbury Park attack gives a chilling account of how it unfolded.

Felin described how he and his fellow worshippers left the mosque after praying during Ramadan. They were enjoying a coffee when they saw an elderly man walking with two sticks collapse in the road.

They called an ambulance to tend to the elderly man. Felin, his cousin and two other people were with the man as they waited for the ambulance when the incident happened.

"Suddenly a van came out of nowhere. He crashed into all of us."

Nick asked him whether the thought the incident was deliberate.

"Yes," Felin said. "It was deliberately targeted. He deliberately targeted us." He said that the driver ran but bystanders caught him and eight to ten people held him.

He said the driver as laughing and saying "I did some good thing."

Felin said before the van hit the old man “was breathing” but that afterwards he was dead.

He said his cousin was also badly injured after the van went over him: "He has broken legs, broken arm, his chest.

"He's in a coma now and we can't see him."

Felin was injured when the van "hit his neck" and he passed out for three minutes.

He told Nick he had just been discharged from Whitechapel hospital with painkillers and that he had pain "everywhere" and is now waiting for the hospital to contact him to arrange an x-ray.

Felin was confused an upset by the incident, saying: "We haven't done anything. We just prayed and came out."

The Met Police said that they are treating the incident as a terrorist attack and that all victims of the attack "were from the Muslim community."

A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. Police are not looking for any other suspects.