Police Body-Cam Video Shows Thugs' Assault On London Officers

24 January 2019, 13:55

New police body-cam footage has been released showing the chilling moment two officers were attacked next to a busy London road.

The assault sparked outrage and was shared widely on social media when it occurred in Merton last year.

Kersan Euell, 20, and Martin Payne, 19, have since both pleaded guilty to the assault which took place in November.

The shocking incident was sparked after the pair were pulled over in Kingswood Road.

video grab
Picture: metropolitan police

Footage shows one of the officers being dragged on the floor as the other was drop kicked, falling metres away from a passing bus.

A female officer suffered head injuries while the other was left with cuts and a broken rib.

A third suspect is still on the run.

Euell was jailed for three and a half years while Payne was locked up for two years and nine months.

Kersan Euell and Martin Payne
Kersan Euell (left), Martin Payne (right). Picture: PA

In a joint statement, Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove and Chief Superintendent Sally Benatar said: “The sentences handed down to Euell and Payne indicate how serious the courts take assaults on police officers.

"Anyone who thinks it is acceptable to attack an officer should expect to face the consequences of their actions.

"Whilst police officers are rightly expected to handle difficult and hostile situations on a regular basis, we do not accept that assaults are part of the job, and we feel that our officers deserve the protection of the law in order to do their jobs effectively.“