Is This The Most British Way To Avoid Stepping In A Huge Puddle?

10 August 2018, 11:05

After heavy downpours, commuters leaving Hammersmith underground station avoided getting their feet wet by clambering over an improvised bridge made of chairs.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain disrupted the month long spate of hot weather in Britain.

And the rain was so heavy in London, commuters exiting Hammersmith station found themselves having to negotiate ankle deep water outside the station.

But quick thinking staff from the nearby Pret A Manager brought out chairs to act as a makeshift bridge so the passengers could get across without getting wet.

One Woman Wasn't Prepared To Wait In The Queue
One Woman Wasn't Prepared To Wait In The Queue. Picture: Credit: Twitter / @_sillyfilly

Once the bridge was assembled, the commuters formed an orderly queue and started to make their way across.

But one woman, not prepared to wait, simply took her shoes off and waded through the puddle.