"We Love You": British Notes Of Support For Polish Centre

26 June 2016, 16:22 | Updated: 19 August 2016, 12:31

A leading member of the Polish community has said lovely messages are being sent by British people after a community centre in Hammersmith was daubed with racist graffiti.

The Polish Social and Cultural Association in Hammersmith was attacked over the weekend, with "extremely unpleasant" graffiti left on the building.

Prince John Zylinski, a London businessman and member of the Polish aristocracy whose family survived the Second World War, spoke to Shelagh today.

He said the community was still reeling from the incident - but added that touching messages of support and solidarity had flooded in since then.

Prince Zylinski read this note on air:

"Dear Poles,

I am so sorry to hear about what happened yesterday.

We, the Brits are grateful to you for fighting alongside us in the war and now for the enormous contribution you make to our society.

We love you."

A police spokesman said that "shortly before 11:00hrs on Sunday, 26 June police were informed of an incident of alleged racially motivated criminal damage at a building in King Street, W6."

"Officers from Hamersmith and Fulham Borough attended and enquiries are ongoing.”


The incident has been widely criticised by local politicians.