30 Met Police Officers Assaulted At Notting Hill Carnival

27 August 2019, 07:20 | Updated: 27 August 2019, 07:31

Met Police officers at Notting Hill Carnival
Met Police officers at Notting Hill Carnival. Picture: PA

The Met Police say they are extremely disappointed that at least 30 officers were assaulted at Notting Hill Carnival.

A total of more than 350 arrests were made across the two days of the west London street festival - with almost half drugs-related.

But also, 37 people were arrested for assaulting a police officer and Commander Dave Musker said that is unacceptable.

He said: “Although I am happy with the smooth running of the festivities, I am, once again, extremely disappointed that a number of people feel that they can assault my officers who are working in very difficult circumstances to try and protect everyone in attendance.

"Officers put themselves on the frontline and should, under no circumstance be assaulted for protecting the public. We will adopt a zero tolerance approach to any assault on police officers."

The Met used knife arches at the Carnival
The Met used knife arches at the Carnival. Picture: PA

The breakdown of the 352 arrests was:

37 x Assault police
2 x Drink drive
2 x Criminal damage
31 x Public order
34 x Offensive weapons
10 x Theft
162 x Drugs
10 x Sexual offences
5 x Robbery
5 x GBH
14 x ABH/ Common assault
40 x Other

Despite the arrests, around a million people attended across the weekend with people telling LBC they felt safe.

One reveller said: "It doesn't feel like it would be in any way dangerous. I haven't felt in danger at all."