M&S Spark Fury For Changing Percy Pig Recipe To Veggie

1 May 2019, 10:15

Sweet eaters are not happy with the new taste.
Sweet eaters are not happy with the new taste. Picture: Marks and Spencer

Some customers have called for a boycott of Marks and Spencer after the retailer changed the recipe of Percy Pig sweets.

M&S have sparked online outrage over a new recipe, which means the piggie sweets are now vegetarian.

Customers have complained that there was no warning of the change. Previously a veggie version of the sweet - made with beeswax and pea protein - had one green ear.

A M&S spokesperson said: "When Percy Pig sweets were introduced, they all contained gelatine except for the Veggie Percy. We continued to sell this product, even after other products in the range turned vegetarian, as it's a clear choice for our Veggie customers shopping in a rush."

The retailer wanted to reassure customers that they have "worked to keep Percy’s taste and texture as close as possible to the original recipe."

One sweet eater took to Twitter to say: "So disappointed with the taste of the new Percy Pigs, and even more disappointed with your roll out, why were we not informed? Veggie Percies already exist so please leave classic Percies for us who love the taste! I say we #boycottmands till they #BringbackPercy."

Other social media users found it odd that non-meat eaters would want to eat a product shaped like an animal. Emma Mclaughlin said: "Why can’t you just bring out a vegan sweet!? What real vegan wants to eat a Percy PIG!!!! sweet anyway!?"

Collen Hillicks took to social media to ask the retailer to register her feedback on the new recipe. Collen said: "I have enjoyed Percy Pigs for years but unfortunately will not be purchasing again - the flavour is frankly vile."

Other sweet fans have said that the new veggie pigs have an "awful texture and chemical aftertaste."