Man Narrowly Escapes Death At Hull Level Crossing

24 June 2017, 11:22

Officers have released CCTV footage of a man who risked his life at a level crossing in Hull with a stern warning.

British Transport Police and Network Rail said: “This behaviour is dangerous and could have lethal consequences.”

The incident happened earlier this month.

Level Crossing Pictures
Picture: LBC

The man can be seen approaching the level crossing and the barriers, which were down. A train sped through and the barriers remained down as a second train approached in the opposite direction. 

However, the man then impatiently jumped over the barriers and strolled to the middle of the track. He then stood in between the rails and held his hands up, facing the approaching train. 

At the last possible second, he stood out of the path of the train, being narrowly missed.  

Moment Train Almost Hits Man
Moment A Train Almost Hits Man Who Jumped Crossing. Picture: LBC

PC Richard Soare from British Transport Police, said: “The behaviour of this man is utterly shocking. Not only did this man think it was a clever idea to jump over the barrier, but he then arrogantly stood in the path of the approaching train, stepping away at the last possible second. 

“Trains travel at high speed through this section and if it wasn’t for the quick reactions of the train driver in applying the brakes, this man could have been struck. Sadly, our officers know the tragedy families are faced with after a loved one is killed at a level crossing. What may seem like a quick short cut, or a bit of fun, can leave devastation and heartbreak for families. 

“This man’s senseless action could have claimed his life, and I am now working hard to identify him. It is important he knows the risks he took, as the events on that Saturday morning could have been fatal. If anyone knows who this man might be then I would encourage you to get in touch.”