Tory MP Tells Anti-Brexit Activist "We're Signing Your Death Warrant"

19 June 2019, 14:17 | Updated: 19 June 2019, 14:19

Watch the moment a pro-Brexit MP warns 'Mr Stop Brexit' that he is signing his "death warrant."

The video shows well known anti-Brexit protestor Steve Bray holding two placards and wearing a Union Flag with EU stars on and top hat.

The exchange, which took place on Tuesday afternoon, appears to show Mr Bray greeting Mr Francois in the street and making a jest about Boris Johnson

In response to this, the Conservative MP turns around an addresses Mr Bray saying "do you know what?

"Steve, in the nicest possible way, we're signing your death warrant."

Mr Francois then tells the campaigner that he'll be out of a job by October the 31st.

To which Mr Bray shot back: "It's not a job, it's a passion."

The Tory MP Mark Francois was addressing Steve Bray an anti-Brexit activist
The Tory MP Mark Francois was addressing Steve Bray an anti-Brexit activist. Picture: Twitter / @snb19692

Mr Francois has faced heavy criticism on social media after the clip appeared online. One social media user said: "In normal circumstances, if a public figure threatened a member of the public by saying “we’re signing your death warrant”, they would be sacked or forced to resign. This should also apply to Mark Francois."

Mr Bray is a well known around Westminster, he is frequently seen or heard on news broadcasts shouting "Stop Brexit." While Mr Francois is a hardline Brexiteer MP and Deputy Chairman of the European Research Group.