Meghan hated royal duties and 'loathed' her time in England, Tina Brown tells LBC

5 May 2022, 19:20 | Updated: 5 May 2022, 19:52

Meghan 'loathed' her time in England.
Meghan 'loathed' her time in England. Picture: Alamy/LBC

By Emma Soteriou

Meghan Markle 'loathed' her time in England and did not enjoy her royal duties, the author of the Palace Papers has said.

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Tina Brown told LBC's Tonight with Andrew Marr that Meghan was a "dynamo" entering the royal family but she did not enjoy certain duties during her time in England.

However, there is a chance she could return as a practical solution, Ms Brown added.

The author also revealed that there had been a feeling in the palace - before Harry met Meghan - that he would leave the royal family.

Speaking to Andrew, Ms Brown explained: "Meghan enabled [Harry] to do that because she had this dynamism, connections to the world outside, quite happy to pick up the phone and find people to make deals."

She added: "Meghan was a dynamo and she could make stuff happen. She did make stuff happen and he just found that enthralling."

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Andrew then said: "I can see Harry coming back at some point in that he has been immersed in the world of the royals for a while. I find it very hard to imagine Meghan opening roundabouts and doing all the stuff royals do day in, day out.

"I think she would last for about five minutes of that. "

"She certainly did not like it," Ms Brown said.

"What would happen to Harry and Meghan if they did come back to the royal circles?" Andrew asked.

"I think they were a huge asset as a couple to the royals. They really needed them. They were the face of connecting to the younger people of England, to have a woman of colour in the royal family was a wonderful thing for a connection to a more diverse nation.

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Ms Brown went on to say: "Meghan certainly loathed her time in England but one of the things we have learnt is that she’s pretty practical about solutions when she wants to move on.

"There may come a point when she thinks the biggest role I can still have is this role, coming back to England.

"At which point that will be the time to rediscover a deep love for the British and pick up where they left and do some of the modernising that needs to be done."

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Ms Brown later explained to the LBC presenter how Prince Andrew became "suckered" into Jeffery Epstein's web.

"Can you shed any light on how Andrew became so friendly with Epstein?" Andrew asked.

Ms Brown replied: "He was a very sinister figure but he was a very seductive figure and Andrew always surrounded himself with terrible people all of his life.

"He's got the worst judgement about people because he only mixes with people who want something from him as royal gravitas, which is likely to mean they are basically themselves dubious.

"And that’s of course how he got sucked into the Epstein web through his friend Ghislaine Maxwell.

"He has no judgement Andrew. He is in a way naïve. You know Epstein made Andrew feel important.

"He made him feel part of the big time."