Melbourne lockdown extends to tackle Covid outbreak

2 June 2021, 16:40

Melbourne will remain in lockdown for another week as cases continue to rise.
Melbourne will remain in lockdown for another week as cases continue to rise. Picture: PA

By Emma Soteriou

The lockdown in Melbourne has been extended by another week due to concerns over rising Covid infections.

The Acting Premier of Victoria state, James Merlino, confirmed that the lockdown will be in place across Melbourne for another seven days from Friday.

This comes after six new cases of the virus were recorded in Victoria over a 24-hour period, taking the total up to 60 active infections in the local area.

This is the fourth lockdown for Australia's second-largest city, which currently has five million residents.

Meanwhile, other areas in the state will continue to have restrictions eased.

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In a statement, Mr Merlino said: "The best way to stop the virus is vaccination. But as we know, with only two per cent of the population fully vaccinated – if we let this thing run then cases will explode.

"If that happens, it's our most vulnerable – our parents and grandparents, Victorians with underlying conditions or compromised immunity – who will pay the price.

"It's why, on the advice of Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton, the current restrictions will remain in place in Melbourne for a further seven days, with some small changes.

"This will give us a full 14 days – one full cycle of the virus – to make sure we understand how and where this mutation is moving."

The Acting Premier also reminded people of the five valid reasons there were for going out: shopping for food and supplies, going to work or studying, care and caregiving, exercise, and getting vaccinated.

An expanded 10km radius of travel has been permitted for shopping and exercise, among the changes made.