MPs cheer as Boris Johnson's Brexit deal receives royal assent

23 January 2020, 19:38 | Updated: 23 January 2020, 19:41

The Brexit bill was given royal assent today
The Brexit bill was given royal assent today. Picture: PA

Boris Johnson's Brexit deal has cleared all stages in Parliament after it received royal assent.

MPs cheered as deputy speaker Nigel Evans confirmed the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act had received royal assent in a short announcement to the Commons.

The PM urged the country to "move forwards as one United Kingdom", adding: "At times it felt like we would never cross the Brexit finish line, but we've done it. "

MPs finally approved his Brexit deal after peers in the Lords rejected it five times. "Now we can put the rancour and division of the past three years behind us and focus on delivering a bright, exciting future - with better hospitals and schools, safer streets and opportunity spread to every corner of our country," the PM said.

Mr Johnson's deal still needs to be ratified by the European Parliament ahead of Brexit day which is set to be January 31. A vote is expected on January 29.

The Withdrawal Agreement will now by signed by Mr Johnson, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen and European Council president Charles Michel.

Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans said in the Commons this afternoon: "Her majesty has signified her royal assent to the following act. European Union Withdrawal Act 2020. Order, order."

His statement was followed by cheers and some jeering from members seated in the House of Commons.