MPs Interview Pepper The Robot In Parliament

16 October 2018, 13:24

The Education Select Committee heard evidence on how robots will affect employment in the future... by interviewing a robot.

Pepper the Robot came from Middlesex University to explain how humans and robots can work together.

MP James Frith asked the robot what role humans will have during the fourth industrial revolution.

Pepper The Robot
Pepper The Robot. Picture: PA

Pepper responded: "Robots will have an important role to play, but we will always need the soft skills that are unique to humans to sense, make and drive value from technology.

"As technologies fuse and are used in ways that were not envisaged before, a new way of thinking is needed by tomorrow's workers.

"We will need people who can spot ideas and think across traditional sector divides to drive value from technological innovation."

Pepper stood throughout giving evidence and moved its arms and head moved while it gave pre-programmed answers to questions which had sent in advance.